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LightNEasy Custom Title and Keywords Posted at 15/12/10 - 05:12 PM

Four Changes Allow LightNEasy To Have Page-specific Titles and Keywords

Here is a way to edit the title and keywords on each page using the existing add/edit page interface (works just like description).  I used advice from several posts and traced references all over creation (:D) on database version 3.2.

You only need to edit admin.php, lightneasy.php and common.php pages, then add two fields to the end of {your database name}_paginas table.  For the fields, I called them title and keywords, and used the same formatting as with _paginas description field (text).

All of my code edits are prefaced with // JSS and I've kept the original unedited code just below each of my edits (prefaced with //).

You can find my edited below:
It's a pretty good feature to have, and I hope you find it useful.

Author: Jim
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