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What We Do - Permutation Company

What We Do

At heart, we are a consultancy. Small businesses, local schools and discerning home users often ask for help with specific problems, such as a broken or infected PC, or general concerns, like the need for new devices or a better backup strategy.
Purpose built Internet Cafe
We have managed larger concerns, such as design and installation of a cutting-edge school-wide ICT environment and the creation of a local call centre and financial trading office.

We have the ability to purchase equipment and software on your behalf, utilising trade connections and our experience in the industry. In many cases, we can optimise the equipment and software already purchased. That's where our company name came from, our ability to rearrange things to make them better.

Normally, we can establish our fees prior to any work. Our customers are likely people you already know. So, ring us at 0845 833 6425 and see what we can do for you.