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Welcome To Change

A permutation is a mathematical variation… one of many possible outcomes. The Permutation Company was formed to help our clients manage variations to their businesses such that their outcomes are positive. We offer services that match and rival the resources all the ‘big guys’ have. Contact us if we can help.

About Permutation

The Permutation Company was formed to support the technology needs of local businesses and schools, making them competitive with their biggest rivals.

It’s From HMRC… Wait, It’s Not To Me!

Another tell for email scams is the”To” field. If it doesn’t contain your actual email address,there’s a good chance that it is a scam. In essence, the email was sent out to a large number of recipients with emails in the BCC(Blind Carbon Copy) field. It hits the maximum number of potential victims, yet still […]

How Did UPS / RoyalMail / FedEX Get Your Email Address?

This happens all year round, thoughit’s most common around Christmas, Valentine’s Day and (American)Mother’s Day. That’s when the highest percentage of the Western world will miss postal deliveries. Now this is one of many “baits”(more to come), but “hook” most often is an email attachment. While it is possible for images (specifically, files ending in […]

No Website Knows That Your PC Is Infected

Years ago, before “pop-up blockers” were standard parts of web browser software, there existed a fantastic* scam. To foster more advertising revenue,browsers allowed certain websites to toss little boxes up on your screen, over the top of everything else you were watching. So,someone figured out that virus protection software like McAfee and Norton did the […]

More Fun Scams…

I ran across a pretty good one this morning. It purports to be from FedEx shipping, but the link is actually to the following address…

Some Favorite Scams…

This one looks much better than most, even highlighting itself with the phrase SECURE. Again, it gives itself away in two obvious ways: first, the FROM address ends in NO-REPLY.COM instead of something with AMAZON in it, and second, the link under CLICK HERE is nothing to do with AMAZON, either (GOO.GL?).

Cyber Attacks and You…

So, if you read the newspaper or listen to the radio, it’s already too late. Cyber attackers have invaded your home and taken your children hostage. Time to give up. First of all, most people writing for mainstream news outlets are neither security nor technology experts. One might suggest that if they were, they would […]